Body Whisperer with Dr. Dain Heer

What else is possible with bodies beyond what you've never imagined possible? 

We often treat our bodies in the way we were once treated as little beings. What if there were a different possibility?

What if you chose the greatness of embodiment and created your life from there?

From Dain: "To tell you the truth, bodies don’t only whisper to me, often they SHOUT! Loudly.

It’s like we’ve all shut our ears off to the frequency of our bodies. Or maybe we’ve forgotten what the language of bodies sounds like?

And then someone comes along who remembers. Someone who listens. Someone who cares. Someone who is willing to just gently gift what the body is asking for. And it just….melts.

Please know, a gentle touch with total presence, total caring and no judgement can change anything and everything!"




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