How Different Are You Willing to Be?

Spending time in this world can seem almost impossible to have any choice other
than fitting in and being like everybody else.

How much energy does it require for you to make sure you are seen as normal
and like everybody else? How much of you, your capacities and your creativity do
you have to cut off so that you don’t appear too different?

Did you decide that if you want to be liked, you have no choice but to be like

Have you ever worried about being too much, too loud, too crazy? Have people
told you that you are just too much and that you should hold yourself back? Have
you been seen as a bother to others? Good!!!

What’s possible when you allow yourself to be as different as you probably
haven’t acknowledged you are?
Are you ready to open up to the space of you? Are you ready to see yourself as
strong and not wrong and explore how that would create your life with different possibilities?

What would it be like if you lived your life judgment free of you AND others?
What if you didn’t stop yourself and didn’t make other people’s judgments of you

This course will cover:
· The gift being different is
· Exploring your brilliance
· How to deal with judgments
· Comparing yourself with others
· Being the difference in the world
· Pragmatic approach to problems
· And more!

Susanna also invites you to explore these topics with homeplay and clearings.

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