Kickstart Your Business with JOB Facilitators

Kickstart Your Business

Come along as a group of Joy of Business Certified Facilitators offer you dynamic tools and questions full of possibilities to Kickstart Your Business now.

Can you answer one or more of these questions with YES? ***

  • Do you tend to procrastinate?
  • Do you have the people in your team or business that are making it thrive?
  • Do you avoid your finances?
  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed?
  • Do you think you have to do it all by yourself?

If so, we can show you how to change it. The choice is yours!

Would you like to know how to…

  • empower your staff?
  • create with your business?
  • trust what you know?
  • get a different approach to your “To Do” list?

The Joy of Business Facilitators use the very tools in this course in their daily business to create successfully, while having fun.

Have you been asking for change? Maybe this is a course that contribute to making it happen!....

5 ways you know you need to kickstart your business

  1. You’re cheating on your employer - searching online for a side hustle, working on the side
  2. You’re Bored.
  3. You spend more time dreaming than actually doing.
  4. You’re in the red. With Everything.
  5. You know something needs to change but you haven’t figured out how to make the leap and change tracks.



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