Enjoying Being You!

being you Sep 21, 2019

Amidst the facilitators and change-makers of the What Else Is Possible® Network are many different and sincerely weird people who are making the bold choice to live as the gift of being who they are!

You might wonder how someone is not who they are? Have you noticed all the ways we’re influenced and even encouraged to normalize, standardize, and define ourselves and each other? Ouch! If we eliminated everywhere we’ve ever attempted to comply with all of that, what a different world it would be.

Around here, being the playfully weird you that you actually are is celebrated. Take a moment and imagine a world where truly being you was the most valuable gift you could be! Do you feel that inner smile coming on? Is your body getting lighter? 

The unique expression of you is what the world truly requires. We’re so often told to turn down the volume on our uniqueness, yet the difference you are is a tremendous gift. What if instead, you turned it up?

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