Enjoying Being You!

being you Sep 21, 2019

Amidst the facilitators and change-makers of the What Else Is Possible® Network are many different and sincerely weird people who are making the bold choice to live as the gift of being who they are!

You might wonder how someone is not who they are? Have you noticed all the ways we’re influenced and even encouraged to normalize, standardize, and define ourselves and each other? Ouch! If we eliminated everywhere we’ve ever attempted to comply with all of that, what a different world it would be.

Around here, being the playfully weird you that you actually are is celebrated. Take a moment and imagine a world where truly being you was the most valuable gift you could be! Do you feel that inner smile coming on? Is your body getting lighter? 

The unique expression of you is what the world truly requires. We’re so often told to turn down the volume on our uniqueness, yet the difference you are is a tremendous gift. What if instead, you turned it up?

We asked a few WEIPN Being You facilitators to share a peek into how they enjoy being the difference they are. It’s not necessarily about radical acts or making massive splashes, but unabashedly delighting in being who you be every day: 

What is one of the most playful or entertaining ways that you enjoy Being You?

“Playful is my middle name! (Well, that’s a lie, it’s Louise, but for the sake of this article... let’s just go with it). Often, one of my favorite ways to get into being me and celebrating being alive is to invite my friends (and any unsuspecting bystanders) to “JOIN MY JOY!!” I have convinced myself that the people close to me absolutely love this and see it as a gift... even when it means I am flinging open hotel curtains in the morning to let the light in... after I have started my serenade of my sleeping friend with my angelic tone (deaf) voice while turning up the tunes on my extremely loud Bluetooth speaker. I mean, what better way to start the day, right?” 

- Sarah Grandinetti

Let’s take a quick little survey: How many truly joyful people do you know? How many do you see? Choosing your happy place and inviting others to join you there is definitely different.

A similar palpable sense of joy was shared by Aradhana Tewari:

“My most entertaining way of being me is being with people eating, drinking, and laughing out loud! And, I love doing something I haven’t ever dared to!! I don’t put in my head who is judging or what they are judging; even the most vulnerable and innocent moments lead to more joy. Just be in the moment!!”

Did you catch the piece about leaving the judgment out? How much of you do you shut off to avoid or compensate for judgment? It’s amazing how much of our lives we avoid being who we truly are! Nobody’s judgment is greater than you unless you make it that way. Let that sink in!

When you’re playfully enjoying being you, the limitations of those judgments start to melt away. Having fun is one way that you get more of you.

For Donnielle Carter, Being You is also about what it creates for others:

“I love that when I Be Me the people I interact and play with are invited to be them–and usually to their great relief. They don't have to judge themselves of what I think they should be. And when they are them, I get to hear the most fun and unique stories and experiences that they are afraid to tell anyone else. The world is more vibrant and full of characters.”

Have you ever noticed that when you’re at ease being you, those around you begin to relax as well? That’s definitely a gift to the world. What if you consciously chose more of that? As Donnielle shared, being you allows you to receive more too. It’s a win-win.

Being You doesn’t always include engagements with other people however. Sometimes it’s about delighting in being with yourself and listening to what your life is asking for. 

“One of the ways I savor being me is sitting on my back deck in the early morning, with a cup of tea, looking at the mountains, enjoying the stillness, and just being.

Sometimes an inspiration just pops. I’ll be in my house and suddenly start to organize - a closet, a room, several rooms. There's something “off” that I'm aware of and I move and change things until the energy is, "Yes!" Spontaneous change is super fun. It’s one way I’m being me and creating my space to work for me and contribute to me.”

- Pam Houghteling

However you choose to be in the world may be totally different than anyone shared here - yay!

The beautiful thing about Being You is that there is obviously no one way. Yet when you’re truly being you, the whole world benefits. So let it out! Explore. Have fun. Be weird.

When was the last time someone told you what a gift you are? You are! Just by being you. What if you started enjoying who you truly are a whole lot more? Please know there’s a whole cheering section over here, celebrating all the choices you’re making every day to Be You



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