Create or Die

Welcome to this 1.5 hour class with Gary Douglas on creating your life! Creation is stepping into the energy of what...

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Why Consciousness? A Taste of Being, Vancouver

If you’ve been looking to change things in your life or in the world and nothing else has worked, what if consc...

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Body Whisperer with Dr. Dain Heer

What else is possible with bodies beyond what you've never imagined possible?  We often treat our bodies in the...

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The Leaders of the Future

Have you ever asked, ‘what is it I can be or do to change the world?’The replay of this free event with G...

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Wie anders bist du bereit zu sein?

Zeit in dieser Welt zu verbringen,kann erscheinen, als wäre es fast unmöglich, eine andere Wahl zu haben al...

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